You can now download and listen to our songs at our hosted website at We've put the first 3 songs that we recorded, i.e. Be Thankful (2 versions, the first one and 2nd more improved one), I Had You and Mighty Hand. However, I Had You and Mighty Hand had some editing problems towards the last few seconds of each song, it got cut off abruptly. Our producer Mr. Morgan is currently fixing this little problem. We'll upload the fixed versions sometime next week. Comments are most welcome!

We got All Alone sorted out

Author: Ghostpipe

We finally got I'll Never Leave You All Alone sorted out, the music sequence and parts for all instruments plus vocals. It sounded different from the other four songs we've done because I tried to add some grunge feel to the intro and chorus parts while maintaining the mellowish verses. I decided to retain the instrumental bridge part to add more flavour to the whole song. Tonight I planned to have a recording session with Morgan, don't know if our drummer is available or not. We were gonna do Falling Sun.

Doing our own recording

Author: Ghostpipe

We're gonna try and do our own recording after this. Alvin has downloaded a well-known music producing software so we'll be experimenting with it very soon. Supposed to be user-friendly, you don't have to be Einstein to use it. Only need to get a MIDI interface cable so we can record our instruments directly into the pc. This'll be good for doing experiments since none of us have any good experience with music editing, recording or mixing. Trial and error's the way to go.

Right, we will have to finish the last two songs before Xmas since we're all gonna be too busy to do it after that. On Monday I plan to bring the guys for a final jam session to do Beneath the Falling Sun and do work on All Alone before we finalise that one. Beneath is more or less there, I just need to sort out all the guitar parts. We got comments from some listeners who gave us their honest opinion on the 3 songs we've recorded. Basically the tunes are OK but the musica arrangement needs to be more solid and full, at the moment it's rather "empty" they say. OK I know what to do in the next 2 recordings. Vocal-wise, there is an apparent lack of emotion involved in delivering the song. Apart from slight pitching errors at some parts, the most important aspect would be the songs' inability to capture the listener's emotion and get them to what what they are supposed to feel. Dudes, don't ever think it's easy being a musician and a songwriter. The toughest part is your listeners. If they can't appreciate what they are listening to, then the work is nowhere near good. Ok back to the drawing board.
I'm planning to post the songs we've recorded in so a wider audience can have taste of Kickspace. Next week then.

3 songs mixed

Author: Ghostpipe

I got the cd of the 3 songs from Morgan last night. However 2 of the songs had abrupt sound cut off at the very end, just before the songs end. Morgan is gonna re-record it into the cd again and fix this minor problem. Other than that, Dominic and I are generally happy with the work output and quality so far. Nothing wrong with the recording really, it's our playing that needs major improvement.

Name for the EP

Author: Ghostpipe

We are going to decide on a name for our soon-to-be-completed EP. Since we're having a jam session tonight then it'd be the best time to decide on one, one that all of us would have to unanimously agree on. It's been a while since we jammed, ever since we started recording the songs in August. I told Clement the other day about calling the album "Cheap and Nasty". No real reason behind the name. He suggested "Saints and sinners". We'll see how it goes tonight.

3 down, 2 to go

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We finished recording our 3rd song on Fri 3/11. So far this song, Be Thankful, is the one taking the least time to complete. It's the best one so far I think, music arrangement-wise. This coming Monday we'll be doing the harmonies for Mighty Hand, since Dominic and the rest think the song would sound better if 2nd voices were added to it. That now leaves us with 2 more songs to go, as per the contract agreed with Morgan. I'm thinking of giving our next song recorded a harder, heavier sound, modern ballad-rock kind of arrangement. Something Creed would've come up with.

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to perform in a beach festival at Sematan, Lundu, a small seaside town northwest of Kuching City (about 40 km away). If we were to join, we would be categorised as a novice band together with another new band (I've forgotten the name). There are supposed to be about 20 bands playing in the festival. It starts on 24th Nov if I'm not mistaken and lasts over the weekend. One of us couldn't make it on the dates so we're out. Plus I think we all want to concentrate on getting the recordings done for the rest of our songs, 3 left now.

The deadline is December 2006, we have to finish it by then. Five songs altogether, the titles are:
I Had You
Mighty Hand
Be Thankful
Walk Alone
Beneath the Falling Sun

One more song I've just done but haven't tried it with the guys, it's called (at the moment) Is It Really You.

This Friday's the Day

Author: Ghostpipe

We just had a recording session tonight over at Morgan's place for our third song. The first two songs were done a couple of weeks ago (I Had You and Mighty Hand), now it's just the mixing that's pending. This third one is entitled Be Thankful. One of my favourites since it's a fast number. What is it about is self-explanatory in the lyrics, which I will eventually upload for all to view. Nuff said. Rock on!

It's all about music

Author: Ghostpipe

It's all about the music my band, KICKSPACE, has been working on since we got together a year and a half ago. Kickspace is a 4-piece band and we play alternative music. I myself, Henry, am the lead guitarist and main songwriter, our frontman/guitarist Alvin, bassist Clement and drummer Dominic. We've always had this childhood dream of being in a band and playing our own materials. Not really aiming to be famous but just want to see how far we can go as part time musicians in this industry. We've composed 6 original songs to date and currently recording our third one; we've just finished two, more or less (still needs some massive mixing to make it sound more refined).

I'll be giving updates on current activites of the band.

Rock on!